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Wuxi stand per shift duty sympathised with the hotel spread positive energy

Date: 2014-09-28

By setting up multiple gestation, hotel personnel optimized configuration scheme of the working group, in line with the attitude of the responsible for the hotel and the principle of objective, fair, pragmatic and widely collect opinions, closely combining the reality of the hotel, improvement solutions to the problems of personnel is analyzed and discussed, so far, has implemented a part of the employees position adjustment. After understanding, most adjustable duty staff have arrive on time and work has entered into a new role, whether to return to the familiar position or cross major to begin at the beginning, we see not complain and lazy, but actively and quickly adapt to all competent department feedback, full of positive energy brings us is touched and motivation! Today, let's take a few lens, many of his peers'.
Wan Xian hall, Wang Zhu frequently are carefully clean up the cracks in the health, she was the adjustment to the f&b work of one of the oldest of five employees, working in the hotel has more than 20 spring and autumn period. To return to frontline positions, first there must be some does not adapt, but deep feelings for hotel, she resolutely support the support staff of the hotel, with a positive and optimistic attitude quickly into new jobs. Two meals in the department, she is mainly responsible for Wan Xian hall of health management and service, wedding banquet little housekeeper job duties, cooperate with the entire service wedding reception guests reception department. As f&b foreman was born, she has strict requirements on their own, positive work attitude and the active service consciousness, have the day of the wedding banquet, she always arrive early and active communication with guests, prepare for everything before a meal, after the wedding banquet, finishing and clean up health, and often busy and more at 4 in the afternoon to go off work, careful earnest, meticulous, without complaint. Beginning to new jobs, new problems will, she always don't understand asked, modest consult, under the guidance of department manager and other colleagues help, duties and work flow, familiar with the new position as soon as possible get colleagues's consistent high praise. Like Wang Zhu frequently, the personnel changes, from the logistics jobs to first-line service staff and reception Wang Dong, qing-yun li, needle, hua-yun zhang jia circle and Liang Tao, they are able to take hotel overall situation as heavy, quickly into the new collective, new jobs, with good spirit and positive work attitude for a line of the hotel service team has injected new vitality. Remarkably Wang Dong, logistics have been engaged in technical work, this time because of the work need to meal pass-through group work, he actively cooperate with, quickly adapt to, early work with tooling is missing a clasp, because the same homogeneity is bad to find the button, to the hotel image and don't delay work, use Wang Dong their rest time unified update all coat buttons, and things are small, reflecting is a senior hotel professional and working attitude; To cross major job responsibilities, Wang Dong didn't complain and discouraged, but modestly consult to colleagues much smaller than himself, will soon adapt and competent for the job, get a meal department colleagues affirmation and praise!
During the National Day is wedding peak, in the laughter of people, also is in the environmental health is the most busy time, more people, more cars, coupled with the firecrackers, fireworks cannon, lively exception, ground health also is unusual, it's not, bride out of the car had just entered the auditorium, salute sound, smoke puffs, yu-ping Yang hand holding a broom and dustpan already in place and quickly began to clean up the ground chip off firecrackers and fireworks, on duty manager shall stay chuan also came out from the past to pick up the tools here covering, be polite to avoid the crowd to dodge vehicles, also to the load promptly eliminate, after more than ten minutes, were they clean the ground, lift and lift up your face is a full face of fine sweat... This is yu-ping Yang to hospital sanitation group after one day's work scene, one of which is the first official employee enrichment to positions of environmental health, because is the peak month wedding, in addition to the normal cleaning every day patrol maintenance ground and hospital health, flowers, such as regular work duties, such a busy scene, since the day I arrive there often, they carefully completed and will continue to carry out.
In addition to the above mentioned colleagues, as well as NiuWeiZe, Wei Hongyu, wen-yan zhao, wen-hong li from different positions in more in need of their work at the grass-roots level, including NiuWeiZe, "stay chuan two deputy manager is as they are under the jurisdiction of sanitation duties shall be transferred to the security, in addition to this is a piece of work continue to sanitation is responsible for, two of them also and the computer control room that a real-time monitoring work. In the optimal adjustment of personnel, whether it is vice manager and real role, duty, or cross major back into the hills, they are all with the infinite love of the hotel, resolutely obey the hotel overall situation work adjustment, readily into the new position, this "I am the hotel a brick, where need to move", "the hotel is my home, everywhere for it," the professionalism, the spirit of loving one worthy of our admiration!