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Thanksgiving Mother's Day

Date: 2013-05-06

Thanks givingMother's Day

-To saythetruthto my mother


Mother,what asacred word.Whenseeing theprofound feelings ofeach otherby theenergeticgroundShuangbingrizzledgradually beenyearswhendo children, whocan understandand reallydo not want tounderstandthatmothersheartknownemotional contextit?Delicatewoman's mind, while themother's mindbeinginfineplusaheavy.Kind ofregret, that kind ofdedication, likea book ofthickepicmasterpiece, itcan not bear topromotereading.

Gratitudeand lovefor the mother, the Chinese people'sfeelingsmakeusashamedsubtlewhen facedmotherexpressing love, then thisMother's Day, we have tolovewhen yourmessengerto pass.Long life, youmust have a lotbetween themother andthe lovestory, or alittlewarm,little touched,memory,there must besuch a picture, so youcan not forget......let ussay somethingto her mothernow!InthisSu Jianwritedown, the otherto us,we are responsible fordeliverytothe hearts ofher mother'shands,so that mothersfeelour fulllove and responsibility, loveand gratitude......

Xinxiang Hotelmotheralwayswish the worldhappyhealthy!